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Mar 13, 2013 11:00pm PDT
exposes dysfunction and hundreds of tax dollars. >> a series of breakdowns by the city, the faa and the san jose airport, the city manages the airport, federal rules prevent it from cashing in on the airport's success. it's a snapshot of your government at work. or maybe not at work. >> welcome to san jose international airport. >> it's an airport funded by your airfare. your travel dollars, and it's this draft audit, raising questions about where your money went. it's written by the federal aviation administration. it's critical of the city of san jose, and it's funded by your tax dollars. >> what they found was, there were violations of the law. >> gabe bruno is the executive director of the faa whistle blower alliance, and a former high ranking executive in the faa. the draft audit accuses the city of san jose of improperly using airport profits in three different areas. >> one of the red flags that that raises with me is why nobody's really asking questions about this. >> specifically, the audit accuses the city of san jose of unlawfully diverting millions of dollars of airport reve
Mar 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. among them, waiving the city's hotel tax for nfl employees and the teams. suspending ticket surcharges and droped adding parking fees. the concessions add up to millions. it's more than worth it because it will be offset by the income and the publicity. >> the way that we're doing the superer bowl is a great regional effort. we'll be able to highlight everything from the golden gate to silicon valley. >> santa clara city council will hold a special meeting. >>> with little to no rain so far this year, any rain would be big news. >> yes, tonight, a storm is moving in. take a look. on your left, a live look from the south bay. clouds hanging over east san jose. on the right, the bay bridge toll plaza. the roads still dry at this hour, but tomorrow will be a different story. chief meet i don't goologiteo m this story. >> we're tracking a lot of moisture and showing up as rainfall on the radar. we know no reporting sites have tipped over anything more than one hundredth of an inch. expect a few areas of drizzle and also mist. that is pretty much it here for at least the next thr
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
convinced people in a south bay downtown district to tax themselves, saving the city millions. his winning argument that made the bay area proud. >>> plus, after a beautiful weekend across the bay area, there is rain in the forecast. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the system. find out if it's going to affect your commute. >>> secrets of the bay area were revealed this weekend when historic artifacts from the infamous escape from alcatraz and the presidio were made available. >> the national park services opened its archives to the public. joe rosado takes us inside centuries of history. >> reporter: some of the bay area's national parkland date back over 200 years. but as we all know, history isn't just measured in time. it's measured in stuff. >> we have millions, literally millions of pieces of historic documents. many of those came from the army. >> reporter: a former cavalry stable in san francisco's presidio is now home to the national park service's archives for the gelden gate national recreation area. it's a smorgasbord of more than six million items dating back to the bay area'
Mar 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
report paid for with tax dollars was somehow not presented to general baldwin until after our investigations. you found some serious problems -- >> yes. >> reporter: and from all indications, nothing significant changed. >> yeah. >> reporter: frustrated? >> i'm sure they are. >> reporter: so that report, was it a waste of taxpayer money? >> had it come to conclusion, it would have been money well spent. the fact that it was not followed up on by the national guard bureau in the first year, that's problematic. >> reporter: but it's important to note the report criticized the california guard's failure to meet national guard standards in handling complaints. during the hearing at the capital, the national guard bureau said it provided additional training and the california guard is now in compliance. >> of the big messages we continue to reform the california national guard and military department. the governor appointed me to make change and we have made substantial change. >> reporter: general baldwin made it clear before the senate committee and our camera, he remains committ
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4